Concierge Service

We know what you’re thinking… A ‘Concierge Service’ for first homebuyers? It sounds really unusual doesn’t it? That’s because it doesn’t exist anywhere else in the industry. Exclusive to Investmark, our ‘Concierge Service’ is unique. We’ll help you arrange every aspect of your new home from conception to completion and beyond.

From helping you to understand your finance entitlements and securing the right home loan to organising a moving van or home insurance and so much more. You see unlike most builders, we intend to work with you and alongside you long after key handover.

Welcoming you into your new home is just the beginning of our wealth creation journey together not the end. What you can expect from Investmark’s exclusive ‘Concierge Service’:

  • Help you to get your home loan and any FHB grants or incentives
  • We’ll educate you on how your loan will work and how you can pay off your home loan sooner
  • Help you secure your ideal block of land and walk you through the paperwork process
  • We’ll help you select the perfect home with the inclusions you want, well within your budget
  • Help coordinate the build of your home with our outstanding building partner Metro Homes WA
  • We’ll coordinate the settlement process with you
  • Assist with interior design and specification selection
  • Give you access to massive discount offers on furniture and appliances
  • Arrange your final independent building inspection
  • Assist with the services required to move into your new home
  • We’ll introduce you to our financial services partner to arrange your home insurance
  • We’ll introduce you to our financial services partner to educate you on income protection
  • We’ll introduce you to our financial services partner to educate you on maximising your superannuation
  • We’ll introduce you to our financial services partner to educate you on the importance of a financial plan
  • We’ll educate you on the power of equity and how you can leverage it to buy your first investment property
  • We’ll continue to earn the right to work with you, helping you to use property as a vehicle to create wealth and financial security

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Planning on purchasing your first home?

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Buying your first home is exciting and one of the biggest financial decisions you’ll ever make. At Investmark, we are passionate about helping people through the journey of purchasing their first home. Our FREE eBook guides you through lots of areas you’ll need help with to ensure you make your mark with your first home the right way.