Metronet stage one: New-look Perth taking shape.

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EXTENSIVE work to the steel lines that stitch Perth together is well under way, but battles are brewing across the city as the facelift spills off the tracks and into surrounding suburbs.

The days of sleepy suburban platforms appear numbered as the McGowan Government’s Metronet vision combines with ambitious in-fill targets to accelerate the transformation of train stations into hubs for commercial and residential development.

Sprawled over more than 80km of coastline, Perth is the world’s 63rd biggest city by land area. But ranked by population density, the WA capital does not even crack the top thousand — 1005th in a list that only runs to 1064.

That means there is both room and a compelling economic case for in-fill concentrated around transport nodes, and with Perth’s population tipped to double in the next 30 years, so-called transit oriented developments (TODs) have emerged as one of the State Government’s primary receptors for that growth.