Our Approach

Lifestyle is everything and we’ve developed a passion for creating life choices for our clients. Most people have the belief that building real wealth is only for high-income earners. We all realise that income is great and we all wish we could earn more of it. It provides a good life-style and after-tax cash flow, and we work hard to get it.

Creating and building wealth through property is about using your earned wage now to build wealth that will provide a high income over time. Creating and building wealth for a lifestyle of your choice, does not require a lot of cash, it reduces your tax payments and you don’t have to work any harder at your job to be able to do it.

There are dozens of ways to make money in real estate. You can excel at any of them, but not all of them. The key to success is understanding, implementing and becoming an expert in any one strategy before moving on to the next.

In a very informative consultation your Investmark Property Investment Specialist will help you to determine which investment is viable for you, based on your overall wealth creation strategy:

  • Buy and hold residential investments
  • Flipping
  • Commercial
  • Land banking and development
  • Group investments (syndications)

Benefit from a concise Q&A session:

  • Do you want cash flow today or equity growth in the future?
  • Are you in need of tax benefits?
  • Are you looking to be an active investor or passive investor?
  • Do you have more time than money or more money than time?
  • Are you looking to accelerate your retirement plan or create capital for today?

In this one hour – value packed, FREE in-home consultation, you will get a chance to compare your options and figure out which strategy would be best for you.

This will then form the basis of our very popular EPG (Educate, Plan and Grow) Property Investment Program.


Need support or guidance? Our team of experienced Property Investment Strategists are ready to take your call. Information is readily available and without obligation.