Investmark’s up-to-date research methodology has been developed by a team of industry professionals and combines years of experience, study and analysis.

Our Investment Philosophy

All our property selections are based on a purely results driven mandate, with the sole purpose of securing our investors balanced and diversified investment opportunities.

Our Selection Strategy

The Investmark Team reviews the immediate and ongoing needs of our clients. Taking into account market conditions and client strategy, the Team aims to keep the property selection strategy responsive.

Our research methodology adopts a ‘macro to micro’ approach and has three steps:

Step One – Macro Research

This step uses macro economic analysis to identify geographical regions that are likely to experience strong capital growth. Our research indicates that the following factors impact the property market:

  • Employment and Economic Growth
  • Population and Demographic Changes
  • Infrastructure and Government Spending
  • Supply and Demand

Step Two – Micro Research

Once a region has been identified as having strong growth potential, Investmark’s process of micro research is then conducted. Our micro research analysis includes:

  • Value
  • Transport
  • Quality
  • Design
  • Amenities
  • Rental Yield

Step Three – Investmark Index

Every property is then rated on a scale of 1-5, (5 being the highest), for its potential:

  • Growth and
  • Cash flow

Growth is the key for creating long term wealth, however we recognise that many clients are sensitive to cash flow and as a result Investmark only approves properties that have scored at three or above for both these categories. The Investmark Index provides investors with a simple way to compare investments and ensure they acquire properties most suitable for their wealth creation strategy and portfolio.


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