Why Invest

Real estate makes more millionaires than any other asset classes. Fortune Magazine found that 97% of all wealth was either created or held in property. Now which one would you bet on?

Do a simple exercise and count all the people you know of that have become millionaires by investing in the stock market, bonds, commodities, art or mutual funds. Now, count all the people you know of that have become millionaires with real estate.

New can be scary, right? Whether it’s a first date, or your first investment, it’s natural to feel out of your comfort zone. So, whether you like to dip your toe, or jump straight in, we’ll support you all the way.


I don’t have enough money…
You don’t need thousands to invest in property. We can show you how you can own an investment property from as little as $17 per week*

I don’t understand it…
No problem. You don’t need to be a financial wizard to invest in property. In fact, you don’t need any experience at all. Our team of experts and professional associates are on hand to help you get started the right way and ensure you are guided and supported to make sound decisions ongoing.

It’s expensive…
Yes it can be, if you invest in the wrong type of property that requires a lot of maintenance, high body corporate or strata fees or remains vacant for extended periods. Keep in mind that the majority of costs your investment property incurs, including the interest on the loan can be tax deductible, but you still need to take care of these upfront as they arise. Here at Investmark we advocate ‘doing your numbers’ before you acquire a property, not the other way around. We can help you with this.

It’s too risky for me…
There’s a little bit of risk in most things you do. Firstly it is important to understand your appetite for investment and/or risk. We like logical, simple property investment strategies backed by concise research, analysis and due diligence and mostly focus on property with land content and within the affordable housing price bracket.

I don’t want to lock my money away…
Your money is not locked away. Typically to fund the purchase of an investment property you would use equity in an existing property to fund the deposit and associated purchasing costs. Your tenant and the tax man can make investing in property very affordable and the equity you achieve (growth) in your investment property can be leveraged to further invest in additional property or any other asset class.

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You are our priority - our commitment to meeting your needs and creating the best outcome for your long term investment portfolio is what sets us apart in our industry.